Tamale Forum On “MADE-IN-AFRICA EVALUATION – Reflections on Deepening M&E Practices in Ghana”

Over the last decade, Africa has been witnessing the first wave of organizational development to address the evaluation challenges confronting Africa. As the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have now been superseded by the global consensus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Africa has to rise to the occasion of evolving its own theories of change; developing home-grown indicators for measuring progress, and fabricating more culturally-nuanced methodologies and tools for evaluating developmental outcomes.

There is increasing concern among African participants in various, internationally organised evaluation structures and processes about the Western-dominated evaluation paradigms underlying the evaluations undertaken in Africa. In a bibliographic review of evaluations in Africa, Spring and Patel (2000) found that the majority of these evaluations have been requested by donors and international agencies. The majority of the first authors were not African. Of the original 133 articles that were reviewed, for example, three-quarters had a first author with a western name, fifteen percent were clearly African, and it was not clear in twelve percent of the cases. African author participation was acknowledged as second or third author in twelve percent of the total.

The establishment and growth of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) and national evaluation associations across the continent has provided effective platforms for engaging people from different sectors and evaluation interests. In January 2007, a mandate was given to the African Evaluation Association to develop a long-term strategy to address critical issues on coming up with an Africa-centered evaluation system and practice that serve the continent primarily, and contribute to the global knowledge and practice of evaluation. The Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation Forum (GMEF), along with several national associations have raised awareness among a broad range of civil society groups, governments and donors about the need to harness African expertise towards professionalizing evaluation in Africa and building individual and institutional capacities. This momentum now needs to go beyond awareness-raising and conferences towards a systematic process of reflection and capacity development that is driven by Africa’s needs and contributes towards re-shaping global knowledge and capacities in evaluation, with an African perspective. As result of this, in collaboration with IPA-Ghana, GMEF held a forum to address the subject of “Made-in-Africa Evaluation”. The forum was funded by UNICEF and IPA-Ghana. It took place in Tamale at the Gariba Lodge on 2nd November, 2017. The forum was attended by 111 participants. Download Presentations here; Gender Dimensions of Made In Africa Evaluation Prof Millar AFRICAN METHODOLOGIES.ONE Dr. Kingsley Arkorful MADE IN AFRICA EVALUATION Made in Africa Evaluation Theory and Practice Tamale Nov2 2017 Download Full Report Here TAMALE Forum 2017 REPORT