GMEF is guided by an eight person Steering Committee a core group of stakeholders who have been involved in the forum since the initiation of activities in January 2008. The Steering Committee members represent a depth and breadth of experience in monitoring and evaluation, coming from positions in research institutions, the private sector and government posts. Details are as follows:


1. DR. SULLEY GARIBA                                         Former Ambassador, Ghana High Commission, Canada
2. MR. JOHN DADZIE-MENSAH                        National Accreditation Board, Accra
3. MRS. MARILYN ANIWA                                    Consultant
4. DR. EDITH TETTEH                                           NDPC/University Of Ghana
5. DR. ROBERT DARKO                                         Lecturer/ University Of Ghana
6. AMADU BAWA                                                    Assistant Representative, UNFPA


1. MRS. ABIGAIL ABANDOH-SAM                      Former M&E Director, MIDA
2. MR. BRUNO DERY                                              NDPC (formerly, now retired)/ Consultant
3. MR. DANIEL ANDOH                                         Managing Partner-Cicada Consulting Ltd.
4. MRS. FRANCESCA POBEE-HAYFORD          Formerly of Canada – PSU / Consultant
5. MR. GODFREY EWOOL                                     M&E Specialist/Consultant
6. MRS. JOANA OPARE                                          M&E Specialist/Consultant
7. MRS. PATIENCE AGYARE–ASHIE                 M&E Specialist/Consultant
8. MRS. DEDE BEDU-ADDO                                 Consultant/GMEF Coordinator