Open the Ghanaian newspapers these days and every now and then, one is bound to find an advertisement for M&E professionals. This critical area of development is fast becoming a very important and highly sought after profession. However, the question remains as to how much capacity building is being provided to enable M&E professionals and enthusiasts carry out their work at full capacity.

Although there is some monitoring of national programmes in progress, it is fraught with many challenges in record keeping, proper documentation, reliable data and capacities in M&E. Evaluation, on the other hand, remains a very external aspect of national development. Most evaluations are externally-driven: either commissioned by donors or commissioned by government and other organisations to meet donor requirements for external support/funding. Impact Evaluations are deemed to provide the best evidence of which programmes and policies are likely to help a society achieve its social goals.

Having organised the maiden forum in Kumasi in 2015, GMEF held another forum in Kumasi to develop participants’ capacity in Impact Evaluation, with funding from UNICEF. This report presents a brief account of what occurred at this interesting event. Download Full Report at: kumasi_2017_forum_report