GMEF CONFERENCE 2018 “Taking M&E Forward: Building on New Concepts, Processes and Systems”

The commencement of a new year signifies new beginnings, ideas and anticipation of exciting new opportunities for a better future. In recent times, new developments are daily occurrences so for one to be knowledgeable and abreast with the times, there is the need to be regularly updated on new advances in information, knowledge and tools. Therefore, when the GMEF 2018 Conference was to take place in January 2018, it was considered appropriate for the proceedings to focus on recent developments in M&E that could serve as motivation for participants to improve on their work in M&E. Incidentally, January 2018 also marks the 10th Anniversary of the beginning of GMEF’s activities in Ghana. As the organization celebrates this key milestone, the Conference also provides a unique opportunity for reflection on the role of GMEF both in retrospection and looking ahead to opportunities for growth in the future.

The Conference was themed, “Taking M&E Forward: Building on New Concepts, Processes and Systems”. With support from UNICEF, the Conference involved a series of presentations and plenary discussions on the first day, followed by 3 parallel workshops in the morning of the second day, on questions related to the key topics presented on the first day. A general meeting of GMEF members crowned the activities in the afternoon of the second day and brought the conference to a close. Generally attendance was good with 93 participants on the first day and 78 participants on the Second day. Download presentations here Record Keeping For M&E GMEF Confab Kwabena Presentation 2 GMEF Confab 2018 S2S MIAE