The Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation Forum

Evidence based decision making plays an increasingly critical role in shaping our society, the way it develops especially the way we use our limited resources.

To help promote the  development of a good Ghanaian Society, it will be useful to establish a National Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Network to promote the cause of evidenced based decision making.

This is to be achieved by creating a network of public spirited individuals whom through open dialogue, can discuss M&E issues with a view to influencing the development opportunities of our time with new insights, new perspectives and new tools.

The Forum’s Objectives are
Share Professional M&E Insights

  • Organize fora to present M&E papers for discussions
  • Use discussions to share and promote good M&E practices in the country
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Associate with other M&E Networks

Promote Evidence Based Decision Making

  • Promote the benefits of evidence based decision making especially in public policy decision making
  • Engage relevant stakeholders to provide M&E views in an unbiased manner
  • Disseminate M&E information based on the outcomes of the fora using the internet

Support Continuing M&E Education

  • Establish linkages with local and international M&E institutions/associations to provide continuing M&E education opportunities
  • Share access to relevant local M&E information and access
  • Organize capacity development sessions
  • Where appropriate establish minimum standards of professional practice

Our Stakeholders are

  • Policy Makers
  • Public & Private Practitioners
  • Research Institutions
  • Public Institutions
  • Development Agencies
  • CSO’s & NGO’s
  • Media

Objectives for the Network

The key objective is to establish a forum where M&E ideas can be shared between like minded people in an informed manner. The following  are objectives for the network:


Objectives Activities
Establish fora to share experiences
  • Hold quartery meetings
  • Organise professional workshops two times a year and invite members to present papers as part of th quaterly meetings
  • Organise annual conference (Major event of the year)
Provides support for continuing M&E education
  • Establish linkages with local and international M&E institutions to provide continuing education opportunities for members
Provide advocacy for M&E in Ghana
  • Engage relevant stakeholders to provide M&E views in an unbiased manner
  • Establish a website & blog
  • Produce bi-annual newsletter using contents of the workshops and annual conferences

As much as possible the activities of the network to achieve the objectives should be defined by the members to ensure the process is dynamic and member driven.

Network membership

Network membership can be drawn from a number of sources including the following:


Public Servants
  • PPMEDs
  • Regional & District Planners
  • Parlimentarians
Private Sector
  • Local
  • International Ghanaian experts
  • Media
Research/Planning Institutions GSS, NDPC, ISSER, MOFEP, etc
  • Local
  • International
Development Partners UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPAWorld Bank

Other Partners and collaborations with CLEAR Ghana, ACBF, Ernst and Young, STAR-Ghana and AfrEA.

We are also eager to get to know you, to support you in your professional endeavors to work towards our vision of influencing the development opportunities of our time with new insights, perspective and tools on M&E.

GMEF offers its membership diverse benefits including:
1. Continuing M&E education with scholarship opportunities.
2. Free access to M&E capacity building training, forums and conferences.
3. JOB opportunities and recommendations.
5. E-newsletters and updates.
6. An evolving website.
7. A professional WhatsApp Platform

We’re located on the Legon Campus (University of Ghana). Once inside the University, ask for Pentagon this is near the Law faculty and the African Union Hall. We are on the 1st floor, above the Apple store.

Contact Us by Email: gmef.forum@gmail.com or Call on 0247 063200 for more details.